How To Fish Like The Pros Do

People tend to fish for different reasons. Some people regard fishing as a sport that requires determination, practice and knowledge. Some see it as just a recreational sport used to relax. While some people look at it solely as a good source of food. No matter what your reason for fishing, here are some great tips on how to become a better fisherman.

Make sure you understand the laws and regulations of the area you are fishing in. Some areas have different restrictions on river or lake fishing or on various types of bait. If you’re unaware, talk to a local governmental office.

On a deep sea fishing expedition, keep your eyes peeled for indications that fish are close. Wood and debris are two things you may see. You might even see substantial game fish swimming around. If you notice seagulls feasting on smaller fish in an area of the water, larger fish are probably swimming just below.

Quality Fishing

You should purchase a quality fishing rod. Low quality fishing rods may break while they are being used. A quality rod might seem like a bigger investment now, but it’s actually a lot cheaper than continuously buying bottom-rung rods that need to be replaced every month.

When using a net to catch fish, make sure the head goes in first. By netting the fish headfirst, the fish will not move as much and will have less of a chance to escape. In general, using a net should be considered a last resort.

Think about how color coordinates with water color. You must choose a lure that your targeted fish will be able to see. If your fishing environment is murky, compensate for that with brightly-colored bait. If the water is more clear, try deeper shades that will stand out and not blend with the natural habitat.

Do your best to not fight with any fish you plan on releasing after you catch it. In a lot of cases, the fight will exhaust the fish or cause injuries. If you cannot reel the fish in, let it go instead of taking the risk of killing it.

Fish Finders

Use one of the many fish finders available to locate the optimal fishing spot while boating. Fish finders send out sonar that pinpoints schools of fish. But, there are certainly fishermen who do not like using fish finders. Those fishermen think that fishing is a sport and no advantage should be used while fishing.

If you hooked a really big fish, stay calm. Since there will most likely be a fight, do not attempt to reel the fish right away or the rod will break. Stay with the fight and don’t try to reel it in until you sense that it has become tired.

The time of day and temperatures of the air and water all have an impact on your fishing success. In the case of bass, the bigger fish are more likely to come out at dawn and dusk when their preferred bait fish are also more active. When you fish during these time periods, monitor the water temperature to make sure it is over 50 degrees.

For a different fishing experience from a favorite location, try casting your line at night. You need a head lamp to help you see well enough to cast your line and reel in fish; you should also turn on your boat’s external lights. The fish you are able to catch will be very different due to the feeding patterns of the species available.

Perfecting the art of tying a few good knots will go a long way when you are out fishing. Knowing how to tie knots well can help make sure that hooks remain attached to the lines when fish bite, and you will also be able to quickly adjust your equipment when necessary. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Larger Sized

If you are targeting larger sized fish, it’s important to used larger sized bait. Larger fish go for bait that is bigger and smaller fish go for smaller bait. Crappie and Blugill make great live bait for larger game fish, such as Pike or Muskie.

Don’t ever litter the area while fishing. When there is a lot of garbage and debris in the water, fish will not be attracted to that particular area. This hurts both your chances of capturing fish, and the chances of other fisherman as well.

The tips you have learned from this article may have inspired you look at fishing in a new way. Is fishing your preferred sport? Or maybe it is a way for you to relax or eat? No matter how you answer this question, the advice you just read should make it much easier for you to enjoy fishing.

About the Author

Danny is an outdoor and survival enthusiast. He served in combat positions in the United States Army.

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